FabriVISION is a high-tech inspection machine that will increase your inspection performance, quality control processes, production capacity and overall profitability. In use for over 20 years by more than 500 customers worldwide, FabriVISON is a mature, proven tool for the validation of sheet metal parts. FabriVISION will reduce your first article inspection time up to 96% while at the same time increasing the accuracy of inspections by eliminating costly human errors in measurement. What might have taken hours in the past will now take minutes to complete. FabriVISION increases the green light time of your shop's machines by decreasing first-article inspection time and expensive quality control processes.

FabriVISION is a non-contact, flat part scanner that provides automatic measurement and digitizing capabilities that are an integral part of modern quality assurance models such as ISO 9000, TQM, SixSigma, and Lean. FabriVISION's automated inspection processes will compare your first article to the original CAD drawings and generate a variety of color-coded reports that you can email directly to your customers. You will not only decrease your first article inspection time and increase your accuracy, but you can also use FabriVISION to implement a continuous audit function in your manufacturing processes. FabriVISION also allows you to reverse engineer flat parts directly into CAD files in minutes. The CAD files become your electronic template, which eliminates the need for maintaining a physical template. FabiVISION will directly integrate with Metalsoft's FabriWIN and will also generate industry-standard CAD files.

The accuracy and speed of FabriVISION will not only reduce inspection time and increase your quality control processes, it will reduce the cost of your rejects, increasing your profits. FabriVISION will accomplish this without any specialized training for your employees - unlike coordinate measuring machines that require programming and setup, any shop employee can operate FabriVISION to verify the accuracy of parts 100%, in 5% of the time.

For quality conscious sheet metal fabricators who strive to stay ahead of their competition, FabriVISION will increase the performance, productivity and profitability of your fabrication operations.


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