IntelliNEST is an optional nesting module for FabriWIN. IntelliNEST is completely integrated with FabriWIN and FabriTRAK for unsurpassed efficency and productivity in a nesting solution. IntelliNEST has one of the industry's most comprehensive feature sets as well as best in class nesting algorithms. IntelliNEST supports nesting for both punching and cutting.

    • Nesting Software for both Punch & Laser
    • True-shape Parts-in Parts capability
    • Save remnants and skeletons to use on future Jobs
    • Supports Common-Line, Chain Cutting processes
    • Feature Avoidance eliminates head collisions and increases process speed
    • Automatic CNC code from DWG, DXF format
    • Automatic CAD Clean-up
    • Automatic reports include estimated time and material utilization
    • External File Import- Excel and other comma delimited formats
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